Dec 302012

I’m currently building an Etsy store to handle online sales of my work.  The toughest part is figuring out all the shipping.  I think I’m going to start to sell only in Canada and then branch out to the US once I’ve gotten the hang of running the store.

I had a great holiday back home with my family and now I’m back to painting this week.

Happy New Year!

Aug 062011

Now that I’ve given my friend Aaron his birthday present, I can post it here.  (I almost made the mistake of posting it early and ruining the surprise!)  This is actually a replica of a previous map painting of Parkdale I’ve done that he really loved.  Since he had to move out of the city this summer, it seemed only appropriate to paint his neighbourhood.  I’ve also posted the “before” pic pre-colour for kicks.

I’m working on a 10×30″ this weekend.  Hopefully I’ll finish before the end of Sunday.

Jul 312011

I’m using the long weekend to catch up on some needed painting work.  I’ve also finally put together a pegboard for my paints!  This’ll encourage me to use the old Rheotech paints that I bought ages ago and that don’t have  hanging holes like the Liquitex ones.  They’re lesser quality paints so I keep avoiding them. What I really should do is use them up and replace them.  I also have a few birthday presents to finish and hopefully I can gain some ground on them.

Also, the galleries work now and so does the lightbox plugin.  Yay functionality!